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Will Bilingualism Delay A Toddler's Speech?

illustration of a little boy with blonde hair speaking two languages

Spoiler alert........

Exposing your child to more than one language will ✨NOT✨ cause a language delay.

Actually, research supports teaching a second language is best during early childhood 🥰

Bilingualism is an amazing gift to give your toddler! If you have the ability to teach them more than one language, absolutely do so! 🥳

If your toddler’s speech is delayed, it is likely not caused by exposure to multiple languages. It’s common for little ones learning multiple language to go through a “quiet period,” but that should only last a few months.

➡️ If you’re noticing your little one is not saying as many words for their age in either language, it is always best to seek support for their language development earlier rather than later.

Fun fact- my niece & nephew understand Portuguese because one of their grandmas is from Brazil & always speaks to them in Portuguese 😆

Do you speak multiple languages to your toddler at home? Let me know in the comments!

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