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How To Help Your Toddler Use Sounds So They Eventually Say Tons Of Words!

A mother helping her kid learn to speak, on purple background in  kids room

Making silly sounds is not only ✨so fun✨ for your toddler, but it’s a 💥crucial💥 step to helping them say their first words and continue saying more and more words each day 🙌🏼

A simple addition of what I call “fun sounds”🥳 in your daily routine and when talking to your toddler will build a strong language foundation! Keep reading for what they are and how to use them⬇️

Fun sounds are any vehicle noises, animal noises, exclamations, speech sounds, etc. said in a fun, exciting way😆

Some examples include:

- Yay!

- Wow!

- Beep beep!

- Mamamamamama

- D, D, D, D

- Woosh!

Add them when talking by basically making sound effects when you’re playing (think- animal noises when you have or see an animal, saying “uh oh” when something drops) OR you can just repeat the silly sounds your little one makes! (like in this reel🥰)

Remember, gestures & sounds come before words! See Mondays reel for more information!

Leave a ❤️ if you’re going to try these!

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