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When Are The BEST Times For Toddlers To Learn How To Talk?

women holding her baby when the kid says her first words.

Here are the BEST times for our toddlers to learn how to communicate effectively ⬇️⬇️

💥While having a snack

💥During bath time

💥On a drive to the store

💥At the park

💥While getting dressed for the day

This list is by no means exhaustive, but the point is 🙌🏼simple, everyday routines🙌🏼 are the most ideal scenarios to teach your toddler how to talk 💯

The language we use in these everyday routines are words that will help our toddlers interact with us, others and their environment.

Words like More, All done, Stop and go, Yay!, On and off, teach functional language, or language that expresses our wants, needs, desires, directions and feelings 💛

So, let this be the start of seeing the seemingly mundane as beautiful opportunities to teach our toddlers about the language and world around them! 🥰🎉🙌🏼💛

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