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Organic Speech Therapy, PLLC does not participate in or submit directly to insurance plans. We have made this decision so we are able to provide more customizable, concierge-level, expert therapy directly to the patient based solely on the particular needs of the patient and what is in his/her best therapeutic interest, as opposed to those benefits being determined by a third party. This allows us to create a plan of care that is in the best interest of the patient. 

Payment is requested at the beginning of each month and may be made via cash, personal check, or credit card.

Do you take insurance?

An initial email or phone call to determine if an evaluation is warranted or what program is best suited for you or your child is the first step. If an evaluation is recommended, it will be scheduled.  

How do we get started? 

An evaluation allows a speech therapist the opportunity to assess you or  your child’s communication skills. This assessment may include a standardized test, observation, medical history information, and/or parent report. In most cases, it includes all four. Through the evaluation, it will be determined if treatment is necessary. Treatment cannot be initiated unless an evaluation has been completed.

What should I expect from an initial evaluation?

Organic Speech Therapy provides services at school, home or online depending on your needs and scheduling availability. 

Where are services provided?

If an evaluation is recommended you will be sent a case history form and policies & procedures to complete prior to the evaluation.

Is there paperwork I need to fill out prior to an evaluation? 


What Our Clients Say About Us

When my daughter started she was only saying about 10 words. Ever since working with Maria at Organic Speech Therapy, she is now putting together whole sentences on her own and I can't be more happy!

PGTT Parent

His language is absolutely exploding! We went to a new pediatrician today and she was amazing with how well my son spoke. He is starting to name body parts and is communicating so well!

PGTT Parent

I changed the way I talk to my child everyday and I am always aware of the situations where I can promote her language development. The whole communication between us has transformed!

PGTT Parent

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Speech Therapy Frequently Asked Questions

At Organic Speech Therapy, we believe communicative and cognitive functioning is essential to achieve best quality of life possible.

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